Top in the Aptamil range Aptamil ESSENSIS HMO Formula

Inspired by the miracle of life from mother’s love & pioneered by 40 years of breastmilk science, it is our closest ever to natural nutrition.

Aptamil ESSENSIS HMO Formula
Presents our Golden Standard
The only formula in Hong Kong with 3’GL HMO*

High Diversity

Most diverse oligosaccharides combination, champion in HK*

There are over 200 types of HMOs in natural nutrition, reaching ultimate diversity. A breakthrough addition of double HMOs (2'FL HMO + 3’GL HMO) and a special blend of prebiotics GOS/FOS to our formula, mimics the structure of natural nutrition , and highly increase our oligosaccharides composition to over 100 types. This allows us to become the champion in Hong Kong in having the most diverse oligosaccharides combination.

High Quantity

Remarkable oligosaccharides level, one step closer to natural nutrition

The level of oligosaccharides in natural nutrition is 12-15g/L, and that level in our formula is 12g/L, which is very remarkable and very close to natural nutrition.

High Functionality

Helps increase your baby’s immunity

3’GL HMO is found in natural nutrition. Aptamil ESSENSIS HMO is the only formula milk which contains 3’GL HMO, which comes from our unique process inspired by nature. It also contains a special blend of prebiotics GOS/FOS which in combination helps to upgrade your baby’s immunity and is one step closer to natural nutrition.

Double HMOs & Special Blend of Prebiotics GOS/FOS
Exceptional and remarkable function

Aptamil ESSENSIS HMO Formula series has a breakthrough addition of double HMOs and a special blend of prebiotics GOS/FOS, mimicking the ingredients of natural nutrition. Ingredients in the formula series have been clinically shown to have the following 3 main benefits:
Support the maturation of immune system and reduced occurrence of infections^
Protect the gut and prevent it against bad bacteria from attaching and causing harm^
Prebiotic can serve as food for good bacteria in the gut and establish the gut microbiota, which is close to a breastfed baby^
*According to the comparison with growing up formula sold in the market up till January 2020
#Aptamil ESSENSIS HMO Formula Stage 4 contains 3'GL (0.066g/100g), 2'FL (0.13g/100g), sn-2 Palmitate (230mg/100g), GOS/FOS (8.0g/100g)
^Clinical data supported by Prebiotics GOS/FOS
To grow and develop healthily, young children need balanced nutrition. Growing-up formula can contribute to their balanced diet, with a recommended daily intake of 2 cups.

Discover the Secret of the Miracle of Life

Aptamil ESSENSIS HMO Formula

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